Liquid Nitrogen Container

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  1. Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storage

    Used advanced powder coating technique avoiding of the traditional shortcoming of paintings drop. High-strength aluminum alloy structure. Multi-layer thermal isolation design. Protective jacket to prevent collision. 5-years on vacuum warranty. Optional accessories.
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  2. Stainless Auto Refill System

    Stainless steel,high quality cryogenic valves,high safety,equipped with removable universal casters,easy to move; Low static evaporation loss andlow liquid nitrogen consumption Dont belong to the pressure vessel,with pressurization valve,drain valve and relief valve dual safety system,and ensure the safety of the user.
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  3. High Capacity Stainless Steel LNC

    Therere different capacities from 300L to 1800L, for your option. Better construction and design, low nitrogen consumption with high-range vial capacity. These units to easily be used for liquid or vapor storage, they provide stable cryogenic storage for up to 94875 vials. 10LCD display screen,easy and convenient to operate,visual display temperature andliquid level. Warnings for low liquid level,over temperature,sensor error, etc. Designed for avoiding liquid nitrogensplash,and button to vent warm nitrogen gas from inside. Password protection to grant or restrictpersonnel access to certain menus and settings. Ensure the safety of sample
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