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BLACKHOLE Incinerators

BLACKHOLE incinerators are twin chamber, fixed hearth, pyrolytic and controlled air incinerators available up to a capacity of 500 kgs/hr for solid and 1000 kgs/hr liquid wastes. For lesser amount of waste we also supply packaged incinerators with the capacity of up to 50 kgs/hr. Incinerators with capacity of more than 50kgs/hr are supplied in SKD conditions and are later assembled on site.



Our incinerators have CE certified high efficiency burners that are sourced from Europe. They are fully automatic and well equipped with various safety devices like Flame Failure Protection Device etc.


Controlling Systems & Automation

The entire process is operated and controlled by a tamper proof PLC based fully automatic control panel. The sensors, safety interlocks and audio visual alarms installed in the system ensure a safe and trouble free operation. The motors are operated by Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) installed in the control panel.

Design, Development and Manufacturing

We at Nika are sensitive to the needs of our clients. Thus our team of highly skilled engineers design and develop the machines using modern 2D and 3D CAD design software. The design then take shape at our state-of-the-art workshop, undergoing stringent quality checks at every stage of development to ensure a product of highest quality.

Optional Accessories Offered

• Automatic solid waste feeding and ash removal
• Liquid waste feeding systems for automatic
  feeding of liquids.
• Continuous emission monitoring and recording
• Heat recovery systems.

Salient Features


Conforms to national & international pollution norms - CPCB, USEPA & EU.
Suitable for a wide range of wastes.
Auxiliary fuel option of oil or gas.
CE certified burners sourced from Europe.
Fully automatic, safe and easy to use.
PLC based control panel.
Castable and joint less refractory ensures longer life and durability.
Packaged range of incinerators are shop assembled, Plug ‘n’ Play type, ready for instant use, require minimum site work and space for installation.
Equipped with ample number of safety interlocks.
The controlling system is foolproof and cannot be tampered with thus ensuring that none of the safety interlocks and operating procedures are bypassed.
The motors in the system are operated by VFDs which not only prolong their life but also reduce the energy consumption.